BCP is a registered broker/dealer focusing on emerging markets fixed income securities. We believe that the sales and distribution team is the largest in the emerging markets fixed income space. Products are available in many national currencies.


“BCP is a leader in Emerging Markets Sales and Trading. It has a wide distribution of securities through its client base of institutional investors, private banking groups, hedge funds and local financial institutions.”

Trading Desk:

BCP has one of the most active trading desks in Emerging Markets (EM) fixed income markets

  • Approximately US$20 billion of secondary trading volume in 2016
  • BCP’s account coverage increased from over 200 clients in 1999 to over 2,000 clients by 2016
  • Average monthly trading volume of over 2,000 trades

Experienced Professionals:

BCP has one of the largest and most experienced sales / trading desks exclusively dedicated to Emerging Markets fixed income securities

  • Average years of market experience of BCP sales and trading professionals is 14 years
  • Medium length of service at BCP of our professional staff is over 10 years

Broad Range of Securities:

BCP trades a variety of securities including:

  • Global Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Distressed Bonds
  • Eurobonds
  • CLNs
  • LPNs
  • Euro-Commercial Paper
  • Local Currency-Denominated Debt
  • Sovereigns
  • Yankee Bonds
  • Convertible Bonds